in this blog, my team and i share secrets from our personal lives and others on the secrets to money and a better life.

You see, when I was in my thirties when i saw how many people around me were struggling. By then we already had the 1997 Asian Financial crisis and Subprime mortgage crisis. I saw hardworking people getting wiped out.

I became more aware of how we are not taught financial education and many aspects of being an adult in school. And with smaller families, we are no longer connected to a large village of people who speak and teach us. As more of us become more isolated in big cities, living in our own bubble, and i want to do something about it. I hope this blog can document my intentions, parts of my life and research my team and i have made over the years.

The formula of study hard, work hard and retire formula during the boomer years, no longer work for millennials. I saw how if you are not careful, this financial system can easily swallow you up. You might be working so hard, you have little time left for your children. Or you are soaked in debt and want to find a way out.

I was inspired by minimalism, marie kondo of tidying up, and realized all along, my lifestyle has a whole new community out there and I am not alone. And it is call FIRE Movement, financial independence retire early movement. Why?

More and more of us realized that buying more things does not make us happy. And how many of us are saddled with mortgage debt that we will pay till the day we are in fifties. And with inflation, financial meltdown, those who simply close our eyes, will find ourselves in bad situations.

So I started this blog because of my personal experience. I saw how hard my grandfather worked, to accumulate wealth to send his children to college, and when it was finally time for him to retire and enjoy himself, he dropped dead. It was a very sad time for us as we were looking forward to spending time with him. And personally I have elderly friends who have invested in unit trusts and lost all their money during subprime. I realized how addicted I was to consumerism. I couldn’t be happy without spending money. Spending was compulsive, and I did not have a choice. So my journey in exploring relationship between money, happiness and the financial system started. I have degree in economics and accounting. During my bachelor degree, I met George Soros, Stanley Fischer and also several others. I picked up a lot of knowledge but I didn’t know how to apply it to my life. I went back to work, I worked harder and longer hours. I thought extreme hard work. I saw my colleagues fall sick and I saw colleagues who were retrenched. I decided I need to research and read up on this topic. I was ignorant and I was overwhelmed.

this blog is to share my experience of how we want live better and what strategies people around me and myself have learnt and employ to have health, happiness and wealth.

How much money is enough? What is my financial goal? What is a rich successful life for me?

The blog will cover a variety of topics related to financial habits, adulting and how to get closer to early retirement. It covers budgeting, value of happiness, how to design your life to spend less but be happier. Frugal efficient life.

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Imagine what is possible if you can finally breathe easy, and is not overburden with debt. Reclaim your life, don’t wait until the day