How to start spending less

Have you realized everything is starting to feel like a little more expensive and you are easily swiping your card for $100 just for a quick grocery run?

You are not alone. This Summer, we are going to talk about how to slow down spending in order to keep food on the table and pay rent.

Unlike the times in 1990s, 2023 is a year where you can easily pay and spend using Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay or just tap your Visa card for a cup of Starbucks. Saving and not spending has never been more difficult. With the pandemic over, I find myself running outside and taking every opportunity to do revenge get-together, restaurant eats, travel, shopping. When I looked at my credit card bill, I was totally shocked.

So how can you spend less? And maybe in that process, save more?

I started by

Planning what to buy before going for grocery or shopping. I wrote down my budget, the item I am looking for and texted it to myself. You see, I get an adrenaline rush from just buying things.

2. Eat before shopping. make sure I have eaten a full meal, and am not hungry when I go out for grocery or shopping. Research shows that we do more impulsive buying when we are hungry.

3. Make it harder to shop online. I slow down my spending by deleting automatic payment options on my shopping app.

4. I stash a bunch of cash and decide what I will spend on by using cash wallet. Touching, holding on to real cash and spending it helps me keep things in check.

5. I journal and let out all my emotions. I notice I do emotional spending. I spend to feel good about myself or something. I now practice thinking about my money, before spending. I also talk to my wallet.

6. I read up on money tips, money management and investment. I have also invested in taking up a course on my personality and understanding how I can improve my life. What about you?

I am curious to know what are some of the ways you have spent less, and spend slowly?

Author: iwantyoutoberich

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