How to start making money online 2022

Let me share with you a story. My story specifically. I took six years just to get started. Why? Because I had so many “what ifs”, and “if only I …”

If only I have gone out there to get the best microphone. Trust me, after buying tons of equipment, I still have ways and means to tell myself why I cannot start. One last thing that stopped me was the reflections my glasses gave when being on camera. I am truly impressed with how my brain simply avoids working towards execution. So don’t be me, don’t let little things stop you from execution.

If only I have quit my full time office job. I had gotten into one of the hardest to get into top firm for my profession, and literally everything we studied, scored, was to get to this place – a job at the top firm. I know from outside everyone wants to get in and from inside, everyone is looking for a way to get out. Because the identity of being part of this firm, a pinnacle of success, is so wrapped up with our self identity, so many of my colleagues couldn’t walk out, we just couldn’t quit. I did one day. Everything comes to an end when it gets way too much. I am telling you now that you can too, change if you want to. Your identity is not the 9-5 job you are hanging on. You can slowly build up a side income that can turn into a meaningful career. I will show you how because I want you to be rich. Rich not just because you make money, enough money but also you get time with the people you love to spend time with, or just do walks with your pet, instead of burning the weekends in the office, paying off student loans followed by a mortgage.


Here’s how and I will paint a harsh reality for you so you don’t make the mistake I made.

I waited six years, excuses after excuses. Start today, even if you hate your own voice, or work. You think your make up isn’t good enough, your hair is bad? Don’t worry, put yourself out there.

Don’t worry about the cameras. Use your phone. Start doing a lot.

If you find videos intimidating, here’s a easier solution, Start by Writing.

Write even if you cannot write well. People who laughed at you are doing nothing. Yes, your haters. People who are chasing their dreams really have little time to jeer. Most of the time, we see someone struggling, we admire them because we have been there and done that.

Why start now? Because you can become the better parent you want to be – spend more time with your family. You can travel the world more than you are doing right now. You can spend your time with your religious organisation, do charity work, write books, spend your life in a very meaningful and intentional way than to be in locked in the office. And look, the pandemic has taught us one thing – life is fragile, go now and work on your side hustle and live a meaningful life. If that’s in the office for you, then chase the corporate ladder. If not, then chase your dream but here’s where I come in and teach you how you can work online and also pay your bills. Let’s be real here. Who doesn’t want to live the dream of being with our love ones more, but we all know we have bills to pay don’t we? So how to make this work, how to make money online?

Here’s the short answer:

You add value to the people who follows you. They can pay for your value through many platforms, behind the scene interactions, or simply by watching your youtubes, reading your blog.

I hear you say “but there’s already this person doing this, or so many people doing that”. Remember you are you, nobody can be you, your personality, appeals to someone out there, that another content creator cannot replicate.

I hear you say “but I have no experience”, that’s what is appealing about you. People are tired of just watching million dollars making youtubers tell them what to do, they are unbelievable and out of reach. You are the example they see themselves in and can relate to. Because you have less followers, you can give more attention to each of your followers and that’s something bigger youtubers cannot compete with and they don’t want to. Fortunately most of us out here, have already worked in an industry for many years and we have something we are passionate about.

So the secret is to get started. Get Started. Start an account with wordpress online and start writing.

Start by writing a blog. Even if you think you are babbling, write something. Give your thoughts clarity by putting them together in words.

Writing allows you to attract like minded people, give you visibility and also better understand yourself. As you write, you untangle your unprocessed thoughts and feelings. As writing your thoughts out, give clarity to your thoughts and that reduce anxiety. Writing also helps you or forces you to research on your topic and overtime you become really good at a certain topic. Document your life, write it out. As you write, you become more observant. Publishing work, will attract opportunities. The more you write you have more ideas, and think better.

The most difficult part to making money online is consistency. Consistency is the greatest enemy of online content creator.

Start by just making videos or writing. Don’t focus on quality in the beginning, be shameless. Yes, thick shinned. the shy are never winners.

Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t or never say “this video is not good, i am not going to publish it”. Think of this – your video now is going be a talking point when you hit your first million dollars.

Other skill sets you will pick up after you make your first 50 videos, will come later – Public speaking, how to edit your video, how to be engaging, how to adjust your lights, how to choose your topics and be with your algorithms.

When you are writing, you will have your own style. Pay attention the comments and compliments you are receiving. ” This is very helpful, i like to see more this.” Ask “Can you tell me 5 things about my work”.

Writing is easier than videos for some because it cost less. You only need a notepad. However, there are people like me, who finds just talking to a camera, easier than writing. Whichever it is, start.

Don’t forget your journey should be fun. Laugh at yourself. Your journey will be long and often after hours of your already busy life, therefore if you have fun, you will find yourself a sustainable formula.

if you have already hit 50 videos or essays. Now think of your own style, what is it?

Improve your video, by just getting a good mic. Grow your audience, by asking them what value they like see? Cultivate inspiration, by being in groups, reading books in your area of concern.

Gary V says “document, don’t create new content”

talk about for example how you start your day. make your video or writing personal. reveal something about yourself.

Improve your work, by following people similar at your level. If you have 50 subscribers, follow someone who is just about to grow.

As you provide value, through a solution, you can gather emails from your audience, and also behind the scene patreon. Patreon is the best place for creators to build memberships by providing exclusive access to their work and a deeper connection with their communities.

Grow your audience. Forget about the money for a while. Provide overwhelming amount of value until you are confident the audience find it useful.

Find the middle ground of what you are passionate about, and what the audience is happy to pay for.

Oprah Winfrey once said “What is that you will do even if you are not paid for, because you enjoy it?”

That’s your edge. For example, you are engineer, you are really good at mathematics or designs. What comes naturally to you? Or what are you struggling with, and want to open about?

Sit down – What feels like play for you? What excites you?

How to grow your audience and make money?

Here’s the summary

Connect with influential people who would use your work.

Who are some of the big names in your area of work? Start following them on social media and collect a list of their contacts. Twitter is a good place to connect.

Develop a press kit –

who are you?

what do you do?

What’s your edge?

Are you a doctor, do you think you can document your life and work? Or are you a bus driver? How do you start your day?

how do you want to be contacted?

Focus on what are the trends?


Whatever you find it hard to do, outsource it. Don’t let it stop you. FIVERR is platform that you can get something done for as little as $5.

Youtube Grow your Audience

Chase trends, find out what are the current trends.

Your audience who enjoy and follows you, is digital asset. You can add more value to them, by giving them access to your ideas and work. Share with them your secrets to your work. It can be for pleasure, such as gardening, or for serious stuff like passing an interview, or for entertainment, gossip on a celebrity. there are also people who grow an audience and help their communities by sharing openly with what they are struggling with – drugs, domestic violence, abuse, surgery, health.

People are consuming more content nowadays on the internet.

Here’s some platforms that traditionally grow audience into monetization

1000 subscribers or more on youtube

Monthly subscription to (Insert your value) where membership gain access to behind the scene access

Affiliate Marketing via Amazon

Tiktok Creator Fund

Writing to News Media

Sponsorship with brands

You are original. Your work is itself original. By executing the same article or video by you, is unique. Don’t worry too much about “not being original”.

get into execution mode. do something that step by step takes you to a better place than where you are right now.

Steve Jobs once said, if you are not having fun doing something, you likely not be successful because the path is just tough along way.

Be consistent, commit to writing once a week, or doing a video once a month. Try, be courageous.