What if I have $5000 to invest?

Many of you out there who finally finished paying some credit card debt, ready to invest and you have on hand $5000?

Be careful who you speak to!

So many organizations, and even banks out there want to help you invest and take your money. No wonder so many Americans are afraid of investing.

Investing almost becomes a word associated with fear and losing all your money.

The fear of talking about money, associating yourself with money, educating yourself about money is what is stopping you from achieving your financial well being.

What would you do if you follow someone successful and the market changes, or the person sold (and they often don’t publicize their sale of stocks).

What do you do after that? You don’t learn anything if someone else is doing it for you. Even if the commission is very low, these institutions can collapse.

Keeping cash was good when inflation was low, but now inflation is soaring. Every day you keep cash, you lose 8-15% without doing anything.

You would go on to tell me inflation is only 4% but you will see that greedy corporations will raise their prices at 10-20%, not 4%. For example, if your coffee is $2. They wouldn’t just do $2.08 (which is 4%), they do $2.50. And the list go on and on.

So what’s the long term goal? Educate yourself.

Do not become a victim

  • cheated by banks
  • cheated by fund managers
  • cheated by insurance companies
  • cheated by family
  • cheated by partner in business
  • cheated by …

You know you can control your outcomes, your future.

Your financial future is in your hands, start by listening to podcast as you are stuck in traffic to work. Read books. Listen to podcast.

Start talking to people about money.

How not to become a victim of money?
do not believe that there is more than 10-20% return without work. It takes a lot of work and insider know-how to make more than 20%. Possible but you wouldn’t consistently get that return. Some years you can make 30% and that would even out in times of downturn, and that over time you are probably making 10%-15%.

You will hear people who scream they made millions investing in X or Y. However, how much risk can you afford? Can you afford to lose everything? Can you afford to lose sleep and mental health? Also when people lose tons of money, they don’t talk.

Managed funds are the worse. They have management fees, administrative fees, performance fees and they have feeder of feeder funds, meaning you can never see where they are investing your money.

You own your future and you deserve to be happy, especially when it is happiness that comes from your hard earned money.

Iwantyoutoberich is a media company that wants to reach out to the masses because too many are taken for a ride and lost hard earned money and savings.

Rich means you are in control and you are in the driver’s seat.

Author: iwantyoutoberich

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