How to get started in your financial journey? (part 1)

How to get started learning about money? My story about my journey with paychecks and money started at my first job at Macdonald’s

So you have been working for a few years and the initial excitement of how wealthy you felt with your initial paycheck wore off finally.

Or are you one of those who observed your peers older than you walked the path of paycheck to paycheck. Or you are Tired of getting rejected at your rental application and the ever raising cost of everything?

Maybe you are one of those who have heard a lot about how important financial education is and wanted to get started?

Now how do we start?

Maybe I can share a story with you about my own journey?

Growing up I was told how important money was, and things I love like candies, depended on money. so as a kid I knew money is liked to why my friends went to Disneyland for holidays and my family didn’t. Fast forward, I took on my first job, at MacDonald’s. I was a teenager and I remember my first pay check made me feel like a millionaire in my class. I was overjoyed at my $200 or so paycheck. Quite laughable looking back. But that $200-300 gave me my first experience with working, salary and savings. I rushed out to buy my favorite backpack so I can look cool in school and so forth. Soon enough my money ran out and I was back requesting for more overtime so I can fuel my shopping and seemingly insatiable wants. The more I worked, the less I get to rest and the more I bought the less excitement I received every time I get my hand on a new item. Then came time to pay for taxes and compulsory retirement deductions. When I finally looked at my paycheck, I saw how much was taken.

Like many my journey was typical of many who studied hard, worked and bought things they like and racked up a ton of expenditures.

Even though I was fairly young when I started work at MacDonald’s, I knew I wanted to move out of my parents one dat, the sooner the better. I was smart enough to try to find out how much a house would cost me. I was deeply disappointed to learn that a house us many times my $200 salary. And so this was how I started to fall into the financial system capitalism trappings and learnt about money, work and wants.

I was told if I studied hard I would be able to make more money, a lot more than my work at MacDonald’s and my work will be easier. No more oily work environment or emptying trash.

A very determined and diligent little me studied hard and graduated with master degree. I worked at top firm that counts Wall Street listed clients as clients. did I become happier and financially free? No.

So how I really dug into learning about money? I stop reading textbooks my university taught me with. I read business books of people who really did something with money, and I didn’t care if they have formal education.

I started my 401k, I started studying about insurance, investments, and opened my first brokerage account. I read law, and company tax laws, talked to business people, tax people and note down my learning. I changed the people who, I hanged out to much older people

I took part of my savings and attended coaching from coaches who would teach about money, internet things. Many of my peers who attended such classes with me are now equally if not more successful. The classes allowed me to meet like minded people.

I learnt that paying tax is great, it means you are making money. And there are many legal ways to reduce tax burden and the focus should be on growing the business and customer satisfaction.

Did my story shine some light on how you can or should start?

If you have enough, investing in a good coaching. Our se on money is the most meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones. 2/3 of Americans a struggle with money. Many cannot sleep in peace because of credit card debt. If you don’t have any money to spare, don’t despair, many materials are free online. You just need to collate and learn with discipline.

Start by

1) reading books about money and read widely. One book I read and is easy to understand is Rich Dad poor dad. I don’t agree with the book entirely (another story for another for day). You don’t have to follow everything that book says but it a great way to start.

2) start making friends in business circle if you can. Go to a rich neighborhood and buy yourself a cup of coffee there. Listen to what people are talking about . Join a business meet up club

3) forgive yourself. Everyone makes mistakes. Pick yourself up, dust yourself clean and walk again chin up. You can do this!

I love you, and I hope wherever you are reading this, you will start. Just start reading something about money and be comfortable talking about money.

All the best Lee

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